Turning Guests, Customers & Prospects into Fans!

Turning Guests, Customers & Prospects into Fans!

Develop fans by tapping into our niche expertise, media content, consumer engagement technology and business owner coaching.

GAINLoyalty offers a range of solutions to implement loyalty to suit different types of business.

Omnichannel solution - Engage with customers when they shop in store as well as on your web shop.

For example, our popular kiosk option provides a low friction way to offer a loyalty programme in a busy environment such as a cafe.

Running on a tablet, the GAINLoyalty kiosk app encourages customers to earn a reward point every time they visit, and all without distracting your staff. The only time the staff need to intervene is when the customer wants to redeem their points for one of your rewards.

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The benefits of a loyalty programme

The benefits of a loyalty programme

A loyalty program offers several benefits to your customers and businesses alike, including:

Customer retention:

By offering rewards and special perks for repeat purchases, a loyalty programme will incentivise customers to continue doing business with you.

Increased sales:

A loyalty programme encourage your customers to spend more in order to reach rewards milestones and can lead to an increase in sales.

Customer data collection:

A loyalty programme will provide valuable data about customer behaviour and preferences, allowing you to tailor your marketing and product offerings to better meet customer needs.

Customer engagement:

A loyalty programme can foster a sense of community and encourage customer engagement with your brand through regular interaction and exclusive offers.

Competitive advantage:

A loyalty programme can help your business differentiate yourself from competitors and lead to attracting and retaining new customers.



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