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We sell the most invaluable business asset of all – customer loyalty.
Your very own customer reward programme – built on your terms.

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Your branding. Your terms. Your customer.


GAINLOYALTY is designed specifically for independent service orientated businesses – and ensures that the power of loyalty programmes is affordable for all.

done Fast set-up and super easy to use – you could be up and running within 2 weeks.

done Give your customers a reason to return by providing them with points for each purchase.

done Gain insight into your consumer – and use this data to present them with relevant news and offers.

done Ideal for restaurants, salons, hotels and all service-orientated businesses.

For your business

secure in the cloud

You can run your loyalty scheme from an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Log in to your business's Gain Loyalty account via our Gain Loyalty app.

Gain Loyalty point of sale app

Secure management portal

Configure your loyalty scheme and communicate with your customers via our secure management portal.

Gain Loyalty marketing dashboard

For your customers

on their smartphone

Your customers can download the MyRewardCard app from the Play Store or App Store and add their reward card quickly and without hassle.

Get it on Google Play

or.. a branded card

For those customers who prefer a physical card, then we can produce your own branded loyalty cards to your design.

Your own branded loyalty cards

Let’s make customer loyalty a certainty
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Sounds interesting?

Discover the value of customer loyalty – let's talk.

Midhurst First

“Pricing is reasonable, but once you experience the level of support offered it's exceptional. Things can be customised and tweaked, they are amazingly helpful and more importantly they deliver. We use it for a town wide loyalty scheme, something that they hadn't done before. Despite that, we have ended up with a very slick, easy and effective solution”

- Gareth Underhill, Midhurst First initiative

Let’s make customer loyalty a certainty
Get in touch with the team

+44 (0)1473 396 470

What can we do for you?

Loyalty programme

Create your own loyalty programme around your business, the way you work and your customers.

Gift cards

Encourage gift purchases to boost cash flow and encourage new customers to enjoy your services.

Pre-pay cards

Provide ongoing treatments or classes? Make payment management seamless with pre-pay cards.

Community cards

Encourage local support – run a scheme for local purchases from a single high street or locality of your choice.


We're regularly asked to help our clients in delivering their services more effectively – talk with us about how we can help.

NFC Hardware

Harness NFC for all that it’s capable of delivering by extending the reach of built-in NFC sensors.

Hardy Heating

“I've been very pleased start to finish with the service I have received. We have started rolling out our loyalty scheme and our customers are very pleased with them so far. It is growing our business with recommendations already.

For the price I feel this was a great investment and I would definitely recommend to other companies. Thanks very much all at Gain Loyalty!”

- Charlotte Hardy, Hardy Heating

Let’s make customer loyalty a certainty
Get in touch with the team

+44 (0)1473 396 470