Helping create direct, memorable and rewarding guest experiences

For B&B's, Resorts, Hotels and Short Term Rentals

We call this service "Smartcation"

More details below or cut to the chase here with our specialist consultant Caroline Newling-Ward

Our Smartcation service is for B&Bs, Resorts, Hotels and Short Term Rentals

Our Smartcation service is for B&Bs, Resorts, Hotels and Short Term Rentals

Start with our survey

Start with our survey

Our Smartcation service helps you:

doneBuild a direct bookings business

doneLeverage local business connections for memorable, repeatable and rewarding guest experiences

doneEnjoy a cost effective package tailored for the guest accommodation industry and the size of your business

To understand where you are in your business journey, complete our survey (via the button below) and we'll get in touch to arrange an initial zoom call

Pre Zoom Survey

How Smartcation’s services are used & valued by our international clients

How Smartcation’s services are used & valued by our international clients

Positioning & Transformation

Whether you’re a newbie, seasoned operator or looking to exit in a few years, we take you through the process to locate & bring out the best of you and your business.

From branding to demographics to pricing and other factors that define, refresh or build on your business model.

An underrated aspect to this process is building your personal & business confidence:

“I feel lifted” (Karen, The Ivy B&B, North Carolina, USA)

Remote & Onsite Media Content Production

We work remotely or complete onsite projects to capture and produce hospitality media of all kinds (including drone, 360 style videos, promos, explainers and room & venue photography).

The on-line world requires the best presentation of you & your business with photo and video. 

This process is more valuable than a few room pictures and is an important step in guest engagement.

An example of our drone service:

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

An example of our Virtual Tour service

Web Presence

Our approach provides you with an on-line experience for guests that adapts as your business develops.

Your web presence is about guests, not vanity…

"We now have a new feature rich website, with interactive videos pitched for our target demographics. The setup and build, including the videos, was really easy and straightforward, with Smartcation helping us every step of the way."  (Howard Bowes of The Hut, A Sea Front Inn)

Online Tools

We're focused on getting you maximum value from tools like an accommodation booking system and our comprehensive integrated platform that includes Email Marketing, Gift Voucher Technology, Landing Page Technology, Interactive Demographics & Venue Guides, Whole Venue Booking packaging and our unique Digital Guest Companion (screen shots below)

We strive to blend the right mix for you, your business and customers now and as your business develops. 

Complete our pre-call survey to initiate a focused chat about where you are with your business.

Plus, as a customer, you get personal support, not a call centre.

“With Smartcation’s help, we’ve gone totally to direct bookings” (Pontheolla, Clevedale Inn, USA)

"My direct booking are increasing" (Debbie, River Mansion Spa, UK)

"The opportunity to have a Guest Companion that includes all your welcome information in one place, that a guest can save on their phone is great, a real bonus for guests especially when you can signpost other local businesses with agreed discounts. We have a discounted brewery tour, and money off offers at food outlets and shops, and are in the process of adding more local businesses each week".  (Howard Bowes of The Hut, Holyhead, Anglesey, UK)

Example Digital Guest Companion front screens:

(our digital guest companion comes with owner training, promotion pack and peer to peer learning)