Stay in touch with your customers

Stay in touch with your customers

As you grow your loyalty membership you are growing a valuable business asset - your customer database.

GAINLoyalty's marketing suite helps you make sense of all the information that results from your customer interactions.  They help you answer questions like:

Who are my top customers?

Which customers visit a particular outlet?

What are the most popular rewards?

You can then send tailored emails to small groups of customers that are highly relevant to their situation.

Or simply send a message to all of your members by email or text.

Set up special messages to be sent out automatically just before a member's birthday, when they reach a given number of points, or even when they haven't been seen for a while.

(Note: GainLoyalty's tools respect your customers GDPR preferences, so we will protect you from sending marketing messages to customers who do not want to receive this type of communication)

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