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Tools to Help You Delight Your Guests and Reduce Your Workload

Your Own Smartcation Guide

For Hotels, B&B's, Guest Houses, Camping & Caravan sites, Holiday Parks, Airbnb, Holiday Homes

As a host, you will want to ensure that your guests get the most out of their stay with you.

Smartcation makes it really easy to provide your own personal guide which guests can keep on their phone while they stay with you.

Your guide can provide your guests with;

Your recommendations for places to eat, visit and enjoy
  • Show your guests the very best places to enjoy their stay with you. Where are the best places to eat, visit or entertain the family? Include special offers to make your guests feel valued.
  • Making this information available before they visit helps guests plan their holiday.
Vital information for your guests
  • Your guide is the perfect place to give your guests the key information they will need while they stay with you. Where to park, check-in process, how the appliances work etc.
Facility to order and pay for optional extras
  • Do you have a selection of "extras" that you offer your guests. Your guide can showcase these and even allow guests to order and pay for them.
Booking calendar for shared facilities
  • Do you have facilities that you allow guets to book. For example a swimming pool for family sessions, or a barbeque? If so, then we can set your guide up to take bookings.
  • Of course, for those guests less comfortable with online reservations, you can still make bookings on thier behalf.
Events in the area during their stay
  • Built into the guide is a quick link to local events in your area that can already be found online.
  • In addition, you can add your own special events to this section if you want to add your own suggestions.
Recommended days out
  • It is simple to create some recommended days out that combine your recommendations for different activities. For example, you might suggest a visit to the zoo in the morning, lunch at a nearby restaurant followed by the afternoon at a secluded little-known beach.
  • Create different "tours" that might appeal to different types of guest.
Other useful local services
  • Include any information that your guests might need, whether how to re-cycle their waste to recommended taxi services.
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