Loyalty for Farm Shops & Butchers

Can be run on Avery Berkel scales.

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Avery Berkel

Compatible with a range of models including XM, XT, XTs, XTi, XTx

Avery Berkel XTs100 scales
Avery Berkel XTs100 scales

GAINLOYALTY enables you to run your very own customer loyalty card scheme directly from your Avery Berkel scales.

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Features for Butchers and Farm Shops

done Everything you need to run your own points-based  Loyalty Scheme  on your scales.

done Add  Christmas Savings Club  to customers' loyalty cards.

done Sell your own branded  Gift Cards.

done Fast set-up and  super easy to use  – you could be up and running within 2 weeks.

done Know your customers and stay in touch –  Email & text marketing, Vouchers and promotions.

How does it work?

1) A loyalty button is programmed into your scales
(circled in red below).

Loyalty Button added to the scales

2) This opens the GAINLOYALTY application, ready for you to scan a customer's card.

Scan a card at the scales

3) After scanning a card the customers details are loaded, and you can award points or update the savings club account.

Customer's loyalty profile

If a gift card is scanned instead, the system will present the gift card redemption screen

Scan a gift card at the scales

Savings Club

Find out more about the savings club facility   Savings Club send

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Or contact us via WhatsApp: +44 7380 272280