Employee Incentive Schemes

Incentivise employees with clear reward opportunities.

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Employee Incentives and Rewards

Set up an incentive scheme in your business to reward positive achievement and initiative.

Total flexibility to decide what outcomes you want to incentivise, and what rewards you will offer, for example;

You may want to reward
  • chevron_right Successful completion of project
  • chevron_right Successful completion of training module
  • chevron_right Recognise a consistent quality performance
  • chevron_right Making significant improvements to a product or service
  • chevron_right Going above and beyond the norm
You may want to give
  • chevron_right A treat such as chocolate or wine
  • chevron_right Cinema or gift vouchers
  • chevron_right Additional hours of holiday

Staff can view their own account status and claim a reward of their choice when they have earned sufficent points, or save points for a more valuable option.

No extra hardware, no need for expensive security solutions – Simply a system that’s powered by the cloud, leaving you ready to go.

Design your own branded cards – Your brand colours, logo and style, or simply use our My Reward Card app – staff can easily see their account status on their phone.

iOS and Android compatible – For management from wherever you are – by desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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