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Run your own points based loyalty programme

Rewarding customers who support your business. The more they spend, the more they get back.

Contact   +44(0)1473 396470

Points based Loyalty Schemes

Let customers earn points as they spend.

Run from a mobile device, tablet or a PC.

Just enter the amount spent, and the system takes care of everything else.

Works with branded physical loyalty cards or cards held on smartphones.

All the benefits of our loyalty platform for building your relationship with customers.

How it works

Simply scan a customer's loyalty card ( physical or on their smartphone ) and enter the amount they have spent.

If the customer has sufficent points to be able to claim a reward then eligible rewards are shown in the customer view, and can then be redeemed.

Also, any vouchers that they have been awarded (e.g. a Birthday offer) are also displayed and can be redeemed from their loyalty profile.

Customers may use a plastic loyalty card (or key-fob) or if they prefer, download our MyRewardCard™ App, while Apple iPhone users will appreciate adding their loyalty card to their wallet (see below).

Supports Apple Passes

Add to Apple Wallet logo

Let’s make customer loyalty a certainty
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