Pre-pay Cards

Combine the convenience of pre-pay cards with the ease of use of Gain Loyalty

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Pre-Payment Cards

Receive payment upfront and go cashless

The GAINLOYALTY system can be configured to work as a pre-payment service.

PREPAY combines the convenience of pre-paid cards with the ease of NFC or QR technology. Reduce bottlenecks and save time with PREPAY, whilst being paid up-front.

You simply take payment once to top up a customers account and then decrement their balance each time you deliver a session.

Applications include;

  • ongoing courses of treatment in the health and wellbeing sector
  • exercise classes delivered by a professional trainer
  • festivals and events - where people don't want to carry a wallet

Contactless meet cashless

Provide people with the convenience of their own PREPAY accounts to pay for your products and services, all of which can be achieved with a simple tap-and-go. It’s safe, secure and convenient for all.

Gain Loyalty's pre-pay platform meets the needs of businesses;

  • who want to be able to charge customers in advance for a programme of discrete services or treatments. Providing a pre-payment card makes makes it easy to manage and retain an accurate financial view of your receipts and liabilities
  • where customers do not typically carry their wallet or phone with them when they need to make a purchase. For example in a Gym or at an outdoor festival, where the convenience of a wristband or card makes for a much simpler experience.

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Straightforward to operate

With a touch-screen tablet-based Point of Sale terminal, managing your transactions is a breeze.

Tap the customer’s card, to bring up their personal account and you can be confident that the customer has sufficient credit to cover their purchases.