App-Free Loyalty Schemes

App-Free Loyalty Schemes

Simple, low-hassle and light-touch

GAINLOYALTY can be operated without loyalty cards or apps for customer or the business.

Award a customer a point each time they check-in or make a qualifying purchase by letting them scan a QR code. Totally self-service.

Works with both regular "points-based" loyalty schemes and "stamp-style" schemes.

How it works

How it works

You display a QR code which is specific to one site and product. You can ensure that the customer really is at your site when they check in by providing the latitude and longitude for your site.

You can also set a limit to how long a customer needs to wait between check-ins. This setting is under Advanced Settings > Update Scheme Details in the section "Do you want to limit the no of points customers can earn?". Enter the gap required in the interval field.

You may ignore the "max points limit" value as we will restrict customers to one check-in for a given offer within the specified time interval, although it is there as a safety net.

You can also use this facility in a "read-only" mode - for example if you want to provide a way for customers to look up their points status by scanning a QR code on site. You can select this option by checking a box when you generate your unique QR code.

The customer can scan this code with their smartphone camera. The first time they scan a card they are taken to a page where they can sign in (if they have an account already) or register.

On subsequent visits their phone will be recognised, and they proceed straight to a check-in button.

Once the customer has collected enough points or stamps to be eligible for a reward, then they simply show you their phone and tap a button to claim the reward and spend their points. After witnessing this, you can confidently provide the reward.

Of course, this also works with points-based schemes as well as stamp style

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