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Educate and engage with your audience in a way relevant to each individual.

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Why work with Gain Loyalty & VidPlus?

We will work with you to make sure that we understand the different motivations that customers may have when visiting your web site. Would they like to be educated about some aspect of your service? or might they want to know about your different offerings?

We will guide you through the proces of how to capture and record the key messages in an effective and succinct manner, and edit it all together in our studio to produce a professional video that will showcase your business to best effect.

Traditional (or linear) video is the type of video you're probably most used to. Used well, it can definately add richness to your presence, but a viewer has to sit through the whole video in order to see if it contains the information they need.

With an interactive video, you can give a short introduction then enable the user to choose from a number of topics, and view just the information that is most relevant to them. Not only can this be more engaging, but it reduces the likelihood of the visitor getting bored and leaving before they get to the information they were interested in.

Examples from the world of hospitality

Lancombe Country Cottages, Dorset

Lancombe Country Cottages caters for a number of different types of visitor, whether a couple, a family or a large group or extended family.

See how this video lets a visitor get quickly to the content that matters to them.

Cleveland Historic Inn & Gardens, S. Carolina, USA

Cleveland Historic Inn & Gardens hosts events in their grounds, as well as attracting guests who want to explore the area or may be interested in the cultural activities in nearby Spartenburg.

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