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Gift Card System

GAINLOYALTY enables you to offer Gift Cards as well as Loyalty Cards.   Our Gift Card module makes it easy to offer your own personalised physical or digital Gift Cards, and works as part of the overall GAINLOYALTY service.

  • Included as part of the Gain Loyalty service
  • Design beautifully branded plastic cards
  • ... or eye-catching e-cards
  • Include personal messages
  • Sell on-line (in your web site) or in-store
  • No extra transaction fees (*)
  • Supports full or partial redemptions
  • Full audit trail showing each transaction
  • Customers can check their own balance
  • Comprehensive management reports to track your sales and balance

* Online sales via Stripe™ are subject to their payment processing fee.

Physical Cards and digital e-Cards

Physical Cards

Like loyalty cards, you can order gift cards that work by scanning a unique barcode (or using cards with contactless chips).

And of course, you can have your cards printed to your own design. Our cards are generally credit-card sized, come in full colour printing with a choice of matt or gloss finish.

As you issue a new gift card you choose a template and then (if you wish) you can attach some personalised information including the names of the "giver" and "receiver" and a personal message. This information will be displayed when the card is next scanned which can be a nice touch for some situations.


e-cards can be ordered online within your web-site and delivered by email straight to your recipient (or to yourself if you prefer).

A customer can choose from one of your templates (values) and add their own personal message as well as specify the address for the recipient.

You can also provide a background image so that we can deliver the recipient a personalised virtual gift card that fully represents your business and brand.

Personalisation of an e-Gift Card

At the Point of Sale

As you would expect, you can redeem a card in full or just charge part of the value.

You can also enable top-ups, so that a card holder can purchase additional credit for their card.

When you scan a gift card with the Gain Loyalty app, it will recognise it as a gift card and display the cards details including:

  • The current balance
  • The template (e.g. original value)
  • Any personal messages
  • A full history of all transactions

Each card carries with it a full audit trail of each action carried out so you can clearly check who was logged in, what happened and when in the event of a customer query.

Selling Gift Cards in-store

Use the GAINLOYALTY app to set up new gift card. All you need to do is scan the card and pick a template, confirm (or change) the default value, and the card is ready to use.

If you wish to add a message or enter a new value you can do so on the gift card details screen.

Selling Gift Cards on your web site

GAINLOYALTY has a simple "plug-in" that can easily be embedded in your web site to create your own online gift card shop. It just takes a few lines of HTML code to set this up.

As well as selling cards in store, it is straightforward to add a facility to your web site to take on-line orders which you can then fulfill. It just takes a few lines of HTML code to set this up.

Physical cards
You can take orders for physical cards through your on-line shop.   The Purchaser will provide a postal address for you to send the card to. You can specify a minimum value as well as a postage charge if you wish. In your GainLoyalty dashboard, the new order will appear in a list of gift card orders to be fulfilled, ready for you to assign a card and post it onwards.

Digital e-cards
Digital cards can be generated and emailed directly to the purchaser and (optionally) a recipient, along with a personal message.

In both cases all you need to do is set up a Stripe account so that you can accept card payments, and we will use that to make sure that all payments go directly to your bank account.

Order confirmation for an e-Gift card order
Customer's order confirmation screen for a digital e-gift card

Let customers check their card's balance

Embed this feature in your web site to let customers check their balance.

Available for both physical cards and digital e-cards.

Enter your card's id

Simply enter the card's unique code

View card status

See an up-to-date view of your balance and all past transactions

You can embed a "check your balance" facility in your website by adding just a few lines of HTML

Management Reporting

Your GAINLOYALTY dashboard gives you access to all of the information that you will need to manage your Gift Card finances and monitor their usage.

Gift card transaction reporting
Gift Card Transactions Report in the GAINLOYALTY dashboard

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