CRM - Communication Toolkit

A suite of methods to keep in touch with your customers.

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Gain Loyalty's communication & marketing tools enable you to keep customers informed and engaged.

Composing Emails

Use our email composer to create engaging emails, and send immediately or choose a time and date to send.

Choose who to send to: all of your customers or just those in a particular group.

GDPR - note: promotional emails are only sent to customers that have opted in to receive them.

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Text Messages

As an alternative to emails, sending brief succinct messages by text can be effective if not over used.

As for emails, you can decide who to send to and when the message should go out.

Note: There is a small cost (3.3p + vat) per standard length message.

GDPR - note: text messages are only sent to customers that have opted in to receive communication from you.

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Push Notifications

If your customers are using the MyRewardCard app, then you can also use the push notification option to deliver sort messages, at no cost.

In fact you can combine push notification and text so the system will intelligently send a push notification to customers with the app, and a text to those who do not.

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Social Posters

A Social poster is a web-page that you can create and style in less than a minute to promote an event or offer, or make an announcement. Once set up you can share it on social medial, or even attach as a link in a text message or push notification.

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Customer Grouping

Use customer groups to help you target your messages to specific sets of customers.

For example,

  • you may want to send a voucher or offer to just your top 50 customers
  • You may want to send news to some customers but not others (e.g. people who visit mainly at the weekend)

By carefully segmenting your customers you can help to ensure that any messages you sned are likely to be of interest, and not considered spam.

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Campaign Management

Set up a sequence of emails to be sent to a customer triggered by an event.

For example, in the days after they register in your scheme, or make a booking with you

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