Loyalty Cards for Communities

Let your residents earn rewards in any participating shops.

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Community Loyalty Cards

Many towns are looking at how to keep people coming back into the high street.

Of course, loyalty schemes are not the complete answer, but they can certainly help.

With Gain Loyalty you can enrol your customers into a town-wide scheme with a central identity. Once enrolled, customers can be issued with a single branded loyalty card which may be a plastic card or a Passbook card that lives on their smartphone.

Customers can earn points separately at any of the participating stores, and even keep track of their account via a central website or on their smartphone.

Each participating retailer is able to recognise a loyalty card issued for the central town scheme, but in all other respects they will be able to run their scheme as if it were a stand-alone scheme, including configuring their own product options and rewards.

Customers interests are protected. The system can be configured to only show a retailer a customer's identity once they have actually transacted.

Example: Midhurst First Reward Card

To find out more about how Gain Loyalty can help you to implement a flexible loyalty scheme for your town, please get in touch and ask for a demonstration. We will look forward to speaking to you.