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A Loyalty Scheme that doesn't get in the way

Do you want to know your customers and reward then for visiting you, but without any hassle?

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App-Less Loyalty Schemes

GAINLoyalty can be operated without loyalty cards or apps for customer or the business

Minimal can be powerful, simple, low-hassle and light-touch

All the benefits of our loyalty platform for building your relationship with customers.

How it works

Works with both regular "points-based" loyalty schemes and "stamp-style" schemes.

You display a QR code and/or NFC sticker which is locked to your location as set up with latitude and longitude in your site.

Earn rewards without an app

Uses the phones built-in functions to scan QR codes or tap NFC tags. The customer doen't need to install any more apps!

Award a customer a point each time they check-in or make a qualifying purchase by letting them scan a QR code. Totally self-service.

Safeguards Geo-location ensures that the customer is at your location (they can't copy the QR code and scan it at home). You can also set a limit to how many times a customer may collect points in any given time interval.

Step 1) Customer uses phone to scan a QR code ( or tap NFC sticker)

The customer can scan this code with their smartphone camera. The first time they scan a card they are taken to a page where they can sign in (if they have an account already) or register.

On subsequent visits their phone will be recognised, and they proceed straight to a check-in button.

Step 2) When a customer has collected a full set of stamps

Once the customer has collected enough points or stamps to be eligible for a reward, then they simply show you their phone and tap a button to claim the reward and spend their points. After witnessing this, you can confidently provide the reward.

Of course, this also works with points-based schemes as well as stamp style

Let’s make customer loyalty a certainty
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