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Gain Loyalty - Turning Customers into Fans

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Run your own loyalty programme

A Flexible Loyalty Platform to support the way you work

  • reward customers by spend or per visit, or even for other reasons
  • customers can have a branded loyalty card, or use their smartphone
  • Supports Apple Passes
  • self-service options available (kiosk or app-free) to reduce load on your staff

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Turning Customers into Fans

3-Hammers Bistro, Wolverhampton

Listen to what the manager has to say about their new loyalty scheme

December 2019

Let’s make customer loyalty a certainty
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Communicate with your customers

  • Identify different customer segments and send email or text messages
  • Launch multi-stage email campaigns
  • Promotions and offers
email builder


Issue your own gift cards

  • Sell your own branded gift cards along side your loyalty programme - all part of the service.
  • Sell physical cards in-store, or e-gift cards on your web site (or both!)


Get the most out of video

Help visitors find information relevant to their interests with an interactive video

  • Let viewers watch an introduction, then choose which path to take depending on why they are visiting
  • Provides a personalised and relevent experience

Our Vidplus service is here to help you make an impact


NFC Extender Solutions

For some applications, accessing a built-in NFC device isn't ideal. We have developed a range of solutions to make NFC more user friendly.

Our extenders can have a range from a few cms to several meters and even link one device to multiple remote touch-points.

Long range, dual touchpoint NFC extender


Let’s make customer loyalty a certainty
Get in touch with the team

+44 (0)1473 396 470

Your branding. Your terms. Your customer.


GAINLOYALTY is designed for independent service businesses – and ensures that the power of loyalty programmes is affordable for all.

Simply run your loyalty programme from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. No sweat...

done Fast set-up and super easy to use – you could be up and running within 2 weeks.

done Give your customers a reason to return by providing them with points for each purchase.

done Gain insight into your consumer – and use this data to present them with relevant news and offers.

done Ideal for restaurants, salons, hotels and all service-orientated businesses.

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Midhurst First

“Pricing is reasonable, but once you experience the level of support offered it's exceptional. Things can be customised and tweaked, they are amazingly helpful and more importantly they deliver. We use it for a town wide loyalty scheme, something that they hadn't done before. Despite that, we have ended up with a very slick, easy and effective solution”

- Gareth Underhill, Midhurst First initiative

The Village Butchers

“The system was super and works fantastically so I can say there is absolutely no issues with it.
Thanks for your help”

- Declan McBride

Katies Garden & Plant Centre

“We have been given many thanks over the last year that we set up a rewards scheme with you – it gave us a massively increased mailing list to be able to contact through all the lockdowns, which has been an enormous help to the business”

- Catherine McMillan


Simple monthly subscriptions with no minimum term.