Offer Pre-payment Incentives

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Reward your members by adding extra value

One way to reward loyalty is to invite your regular members to pre-load their loyalty account with funds that they can use to purchase services. When they do so, you can add additional credit to their top up, so they receive a preferential deal.

For example, you may incentivise a customer to make a payment of £90, but credit their account with £100 to spend with you.

The customer will appreciate that they are able to get extra value through this option.

Your business benefits from the improved cash-flow with customers paying for services ahead of time, as well as being able to make your customers feel that they are being rewarded for their loyalty.

You can use this approach as a seasonal incentive by offering a greater incentive at times where business may naturally be quieter.

Where might this be used?

For example:

  • A sports or social club that want to offer beneficial pricing for members. Sell food & drinks at an price approriate to non-members, but give members additional credit so they effectively benefit from beneficial pricing
  • A restaurant or bar that want to reward regular clients with beneficial pricing. Instead of earning points to be reward later, customers can purchase credit at a discount for future use.

How does this work?

1. Create a Stripe™ account (if you don't already have one)

Once you have a Stripe™ account set up and linked to your bank account, you just need to configure GainLoyalty to use your Stripe™ account, and you are ready to receive your payments.

2. You define some pre-pay options

Each offer will have

  • a meaningful name and description
  • a purchase price (what does the customer pay?)
  • a top-up value (how much credit is added to the customer's account

Form to manage a prepay offer

3. You can then embed a top-up form in your web site

Copy and paste some simple HTML code into your web site, to add a top-up form that can be used right away.

Embedded pre-pay top-up form

You can now promote your new offers amongst your loyalty scheme members, and encourage other customers to join!

4. Scan a customer's card and charge against their balance

Once a customer has added funds to their account, then you can charge their account through the GainLoyalty system.

Customer's pre-pay balance
The customers balance is shown when scanning their account
Charging a customer using thier balance
Press Redeem and simply enter the amount to be charged

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