Stamp Style Loyalty Schemes

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Simple Stamp-Card Loyalty

You can now operate a simple buy N, get 1 free model, but with the benefit of an intuitive online solution rather than paper cards

For certain types of business, it makes sense to structure the loyalty offer around the simple and well understood model as is commonly found in coffee shops; "Buy 6 coffees, get one free".

Of course, whilst this can be achieved with a printed paper card, there are a number of benefits from managing this electronically rather than on paper.

A well as supporting the more sophisticated points based model, GAINLOYALTY can now be configured to run in this way, from both a customer and business perspective, whilst maintaining all of the benefits of an online loyalty programme.

In the retailer interface, adding "stamps" is simple;

Point of sale interface for a stamp-card style scheme
Point of sale interface for a stamp-card style scheme
Redeeming an offer
Redeeming an offer

Customer View

The customer view is similar and intuitively shows their progress towards completing the offers;

Customer view of their stamps
A Customer's view of their stamps

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