Points Based Loyalty Schemes

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Awarding points based on spend

Our most popular scenario is where a business awards points to their customers based on how much they spend.

Customers can then redeem those points for rewards that have a certain points value. Often a business will offer a range of rewards with different points values, but how you structure that is completely open to you to choose.

If you would like to track which type of product or service individual customers tend to purchase, then you can do so, and use that information to help group your customers into different segments to help make your communications more relevant.

In the retailer interface, adding "points" is simple;

  1. Scan the customer's loyalty card or app
  2. Tap on the Spend button (or spend category if more than one option)
  3. Enter the amount spent
Awarding a spend of £25 in the GAINLOYALTY point of sale app

The above example shows the process for adding 25 points to a customers loyalty balance.

Note that this takes the balance to above the amount required for a reward, and that this reward becomes visible after the points have been added.

Boost points to fill quieter times

You may boost the number of points that you awared per £ spent during certain periods. This may be during a quiet few hours, or for prolonged intervals in the "off-season".

Setting up a new Points Boost interval
You can define a points boots to cover a few hours each week, or several days

Once you set up a "points-boost" interval, then the system handles everything for you. Staff still just need to enter the amount spent, and the system will take care of awarding the appropriate number of points for you.

Redeeming a reward

Once you have scanned a customer's card or app, then you will see their name and points balance. If they have sufficient points in their balance to be able to redeem a reward, then you will also see a green button representing each available reward.

To redeem a reward, simply tap the button and confirm. See below.

Redeeming a reward in the GAINLOYALTY point of sale app

Customer View

Your customers can hold their loyalty card on their phone, with our MyRewardCard app.

This contains their unique QR code and allows them to view their account status. The app can also receive push notification from you (see marketing section below).

Customer app

Marketing Facilities

GAINLOYALTY has a comprehensive suite of tools to help you communicate effectively with your customers.

Menu of marketing capabilities
Menu of Marketing tools provided by GAINLOYALTY

From here you can:

  • Analyse your customer base and set up different groups that you can use to send targetted messages.
  • Send messages by teext, push notification or email.
  • Keep your MailChimp list up to date with your loyalty customers or even specific groups of customers.
  • Create and manage vouchers
  • Set up automated messages triggered by particular events
  • ... and much more

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