Connecting a tablet to a USB scanner while charging

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The Challenge

You can plug a USB scanner directly into a tablet with a suitable adaptor. But how can you reliably get through a long day without being able to re-charge the battery?

When a barcode scanner is plugged directly into the tablet, the tablet not only has to power itself, but also the barcode scanner. In practice this combination will only make it part way through a trading day.

Our Solution - A Bluetooth USB Adapter

Our solution uses a small adaptor that converts the barcode scanner's cable signal from USB to a Bluetooth signal. Now both the tablet and the scanner can remain plugged in to the power supply, avoiding all concerns about running out of power before the end of the day.

USB to Bluetooth Adaptor

The USB to Bluetooth adapter is simply plugged into the barcode scanner's USB cable so that it can convert the USB data into a Bluetooth signal. Power to the scanner is fed from the mains via the adaptor.

Note: the Bluetooth Adaptor uses Bluetooth Version 4 / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so your tablet must support this.

This solution makes it possible to connect a USB counter-mounted barcode scanner to tablet in a busy retail environment whilst being able to power both the tablet and the barcode scanner from the mains power supply.

Interested ?

You can purchase a USB-Bluetooth adaptor on its own or as a package with a barcode scanner from our web shop.

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