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Customers can now add their loyalty card to Apple Wallet

GAINLOYALTY now enables your customers to add their loyalty card to Apple Wallet, with automatic points balance updates.

Add to Apple Wallet

Downloading a loyalty card to Apple Wallet

Customers will be able to add their loyalty card to their iPhone wallet.

A customer can tap on the Add to Apple Wallet button and then their personal pass will be downloaded ready to add to the wallet. On an iPhone, then the customers current points balance is shown.

The points balance is updated whenever you add points or redeem rewards from their account (see below).

Scanning a Pass with auto update of points balance

For easy access, the pass will appear on the customer's lock screen when they are within a few metres of your shop.

Then they can simply tap on the notification and present the pass for scanning.

GainLoyalty then notifies the customer's phone that the points balance has changed, and the pass is automatically updated.

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