About us

Our team were brought together by one shared goal: to make it easy for small businesses to grow.

GAINLOYALTY began with a love of building services and a desire to help the little guys put their name on the map with the big guns.

The platform was originally aimed at independent retailers who wanted to create and manage loyalty schemes on the go. With the GAINLOYALTY platform being readily available for smartphones and tablets, this meant mobile hairdressers, make-up artists, street food businesses and many others could set their own loyalty rules and reward their customers however and whenever they wanted.

But they weren’t the only ones interested in this business model…

The team behind the GAINLOYALTY concept have a combined 50 years experience in the loyalty and digital market.

From developing innovative propositions in the technology space to delivering loyalty programmes to over 1 million customers, our management team have seen it all.

Now the team have focussed all their energy onto creating a loyalty platform with a difference; a platform that allows SMEs to take control of their customer engagement and join the ever growing trend of customer rewards.

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Our founders

Ian Videlo


Solomon Enenmoh